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Independent Retailer of the Month! de Gruchy

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A Q&A with De Gruchy, our August Independent Retailer of the Month!

The retail landscape is ever-changing. Post pandemic, it has become immensely difficult to meet the increasing needs of the average consumer. de Gruchy don’t only meet those needs, but constantly exceed them, and continue to trailblaze in the retail industry. This is why they are our ‘Retailer of the Month’. From product selection to customer service; we sat down with the de Gruchy team to find out just how they do it: 

De Gruchy is a luxury department store, based in Helier, Jersey. In operation for over 210 years, they have catered their business to everyone. In the past, providing fabrics for royal visits and tailoring the town’s finest gentlemen; and now, selling a wide array of brands to style the public and their homes. They’ve come a long way from Mr. de Gruchy’s small shop near St. Peter’s Church back in 1810, but with the help of the generations of de Gruchy’s that came after, their mission remains to serve their customers and bring the best brands and products to the Channel Islands. 

What aspects of your job do you love the most? 

One of the most exhilarating aspects is the opportunity to continuously explore and introduce new ranges and products to our discerning clientele. Witnessing these brands and their offerings come to life within our store is a genuinely rewarding experience. Equally gratifying is the chance to engage with our valued customers, discussing their thoughts and opinions on our offerings. The dynamic and collaborative nature of the retail industry also affords me the privilege of working closely with a diverse array of passionate individuals. It’s wonderful to be part of an industry where everyone is deeply committed to what they do, creating a work environment filled with positivity and enthusiasm. 

How do you go about making your product selections? 

At de Gruchy, our approach to selecting the items we sell is firmly rooted in our unwavering commitment to our customers. We prioritise their needs and preferences above all else. Our selection process considers what our customers desire and enjoy. We carefully curate our brands and products based on their proven success, ensuring that we continue to offer items that resonate with our customer base. We constantly strive to infuse freshness into our product offerings by introducing new items and ranges with each changing season. This not only keeps our customers engaged but also piques their ongoing interest, making their shopping experience at de Gruchy ever evolving and exciting.

What do you or your customers love about GUESS & Karl Lagerfeld? 

GUESS is a brand that elicits genuine excitement among our customers at de Gruchy. What our customers love most about GUESS are the intricate details, including chain straps, padlocks, and distinctive branding, which add a touch of sophistication to their fashion choices. Furthermore, the exceptional quality that GUESS consistently delivers, whether in high-fashion or classic styles, is a source of immense satisfaction for our customers. As for Karl Lagerfeld, while it may not currently grace our store shelves, it’s eagerly anticipated by our customers who are excitedly awaiting its arrival. 

Any trends this season that you’re loving so far? 

This season, there are several exciting trends that have caught our eye. The quilt and weave finishes for their textural appeal and timeless charm. Bamboo handles, with their eco-friendly and stylish appeal, vintage-inspired designs for a touch of nostalgia. As we approach the festive party season, our evening bags are poised to be a popular choice too.  

Lastly, is there anything exciting coming up for de Gruchy this year that we should know about?

Our AW23 campaign is all about ‘Your Style, Your Story’ and we will be launching this with a day of fashion festivities at the end of September. This season we are offering out our platform for our communities, our brands, our customers and our colleagues to tell their stories and share with us, their style. 

For more information about De Gruchy, check out their website at: and for any requests regarding showroom appointments, contact us via email: 

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